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Sylvester Stallone quotes that are powerful

Sylvester Stallone was interviewed by People for his Rocky Balboa movie in 2006. This sixth Rocky movie challenged Stallone, as the writer he created major obstacles to challenge Rocky to reach deep inside his heart to continue on. Under distress, this historical character had a greater purpose to get back into the ring again.

As the screenwriter, director and main character, Stallone has always had a huge hand in Rocky's journey. One major event took place in this movie to change this protagonist's direction.

Watch this Rocky Balboa movie and see what event inspires Rocky to box.

Sylvester Stallone answered several questions on screenwriting. Two quotes, one about writing and another reflecting on the passing of the torch, sums up screenwriting and Hollywood.

The following two quotes from Sylvester Stallone's 2006 People interview are available below:

 "I can never understand those people who spend two years trying to get the perfect script one time out. That's not writing, that's waiting."
"You reach that crossroads and society basically has deemed you passé. You've had your chance; now they expect you to just move aside for the next generation. "

Many Hollywood stars face the "passing of time" obstacle. When is a good time to quit? How can perfection affect writing? In the screenwriting world, writers age to perfection. However, movie actors and actresses who age encounter an uphill battle to stay relevant.

Staying on top and falling to the bottom have an adverse impact on Hollywood performers. In order to be relevant, movie stars must sacrifice their private lives and accept constant criticism at the expense of their mental health. When reaching the bottom, the perils of surviving the industry continue to wane until movie roles evaporate like a dry well.

Screenwriters must keep reinventing their writing. They can't rely on time to be kind. A screenwriter may write a hit in 2014 and lose their luster in 2018. It can happen that fast.

Focus on mastering several genres, even the smallest of genres. Consider writing a few original scripts, so when Hollywood requests original ideas, you will be ready to engage.

Keep writing and be passionate.

Source: People

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