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Monday, August 10, 2020

Focus on Effort To Live Your Dream

Screenwriting is all about effort. If we invest time and energy into our script, our story will become something special. We must give our dream attention to market our skills and talents. For some unknown reason, human beings focus more time on what attracts attention than on self-care. Focusing on giving effort is the most important action to pursue dreams.

This life is too short to keep complaining and whining about past misfortunes. We are responsible for making our own bed. It is not anyone's fault that we haven't accomplished our dream yet. If we're not doing everything possible to reach our destination, we must perform introspection to understand whether we are allowing our environment to hold us back.

Making people feel sorry for us through self-pity is a form of entitlement. Some people use their problems to win over empaths. If our wants and desires overpower our intuition, we will remain stuck in a fantasy...

This is a true story... I once knew a girl I would do anything for... I admired her amazing creativity. She did this left eye wink that always made me smile. You could not measure her beauty on any scale in this world. I really believed that we could build a better life. When I came along, she revealed to me that she struggled with unhappiness and depression over living in a place that she did not enjoy. Interestingly, I could detect her emotions inside me. She wanted so much to return back to California. Her dream life and her heart remained in the Golden State.

I used to mention that it was sad that a 31 year old girl with so much to offer this world could remain stuck in a dark place that would block her dream. As a writer, I knew how to inject the right words into captions and messages that made people think without having to share the uncomfortable truth with them.

I was proud of this girl for leaving her old life to start something new. She struggled with uncertainty. She assumed she made a mistake leaving her old life. I reminded her that she made the right decision. I recommended that she stay longer because I could feel that what she wanted, would actually happen. She challenged me, saying that she would be alone and experience an even worse life.

It was more than accomplishing a dream; she wanted someone to listen to her, to consider her thoughts and to include her in big decisions. Nevertheless, she wanted her voice heard. She really desired to become a part of an equal relationship where there was mutual respect and true love.

Despite her past decisions, she blamed every person in her life for her low passion and lack of opportunities. She blamed Hollywood producers and directors for failing to recognize her acting talents, even suggesting that she would sacrifice her dignity to increase her chances. Once she opened the door to her real life, her true colors--revealing her messy life: I still stuck around to help support her. I could not deal with her constantly doing silent treatment as a defensive mechanism to hide from her vulnerabilities and insecurities. She always questioned why I helped her. Even though I assured her that I cared about her, she got into these defensive moods with self-doubting and overthinking everything. I gave all of my effort to guide her; however, I put my dream on ice to see that she reached hers.

Our good friendship eventually ended over me telling her that she didn't give her dream enough effort. She feared leaving her dream to rediscover unhappiness once again. She gave a mighty effort to make sure she spoke her mind on my lack of effort. A simple word like "effort" is all I needed to say in an audio and this destroyed all the effort I gave her through her most difficult times.

Two years of focusing my effort on this girl has little meaning now. She said she would never forget me and always remember me. We can't believe everything people say. They say to not be gullible and naive in a dishonest world. I believed that staying true to my core values, such as being nice and sharing/trusting, would bring me closer to her and it did...

Two years later, this former good friend proved the saying right. I should have been reserved and changed the subject after she wanted to discuss her recurring challenges with someone. If we both focused on our dream and didn't get caught up in discussing this big problem, we could still co-exist in this present time. I believe she hasn't applied the right effort to accomplish her dream yet. What she refuses to do is take acting classes, make short films, upload acting scenes on YouTube and listen to people who are not experts in their fields.

It pained me to reflect back to the past with her because we had so many similarities. We established an emotion connection. She embraced my writing dream. Whereas, I believed in her acting dream. Unfortunately, she took comfort in her self-doubts, resorted to overthinking and made excuses to block her production. Doing too much of everything and not giving enough effort for what we really want can doom us.

In my honest opinion, this girl's unwillingness to accept advice may block her Hollywood dream from coming true. It is her life to live... If she wants her dream, self-love and inner happiness, she will have to focus on giving more effort. Getting too comfortable attending social events, receiving compliments and being recognized as part of a perfect couple are temporary experiences. We should never attach our human identity to someone or something else. If we fail later on, we will meet a dark fate. It is extremely important to understand that we are a human being who chooses to do something.

Luckily, I learned my big life lesson from this girl. I developed into a much stronger person. I give plenty of effort to live my dream. I am being patient to reach my better life. I no longer put anyone or anything on a pedestal. I value, respect and love myself. I still operate a YouTube channel that this former good friend advised me to start and even named. I actually listened to what she told me.

I felt that my honesty helped her reach a better life. I could not sit back and lie to her anymore.

After self-observing, I finally figured out that she took advantage of me for her personal gain. She required so much of my time and energy, eventually leaving me behind knowing very little about my life. She left on bad terms, never once apologizing for the past or thanking me to help her grow better. I held the door open to seek closure and she has let go. 20 months later after our last communication, I have given up on her. She is now a distant memory.

I want to remember her as a dream girl who elevated my effort because of my interest in seeing her succeed with a dream that is similar to mine. She was this dream girl I met in real life on the Santa Monica Pier a few years ago to celebrate her birthday. I was so nervous the night before that I could not sleep. The anticipation to meet her resembled a romantic Hollywood movie.

Just imagine if your dream faced you... You had a chance to tell them I can't believe you are here while you were hugging them. She would remind me not to cry because she had tears. My big mistake was giving her yellow flowers ((( I later learned from hearing someone mention that he was lucky he didn't make that mistake. I always believed in her. We talked about so many things that are relevant now. She felt comfortable sharing her most vulnerable moments with me.

At least I know that the one thing she really wanted did come true. I knew she could find someone who would compliment her creative and love life. I believed she achieved the balance she desired. Everything happens for a reason. We can let true love leave to discover their true love. Unconditional love is loving someone with no restraints--you will do anything to make them happy. Sometimes we are only meant to know someone long enough to give them support and to encourage them until they are brave enough to find their better life...

MOOD: Effort is everything...

Desiring our dream to come true starts with taking serious actions to do what always makes us happy... If we do things for the wrong reasons, we will fall harder after failures. Finding balance to appreciate everything we already have will reward us with self-love and inner happiness in this life...

I can now walk away from the past and move forward with my future... #AlwaysSmile #StarbucksLove #BetterLife #YouDidIt #DreamGirl #IWillAlwaysRememberYou  #InTheNextLife 

                                                                                                                        The End

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

React to Your Screenwriting Goals

Never allow great opportunities to slip away. Fear plays a major role in delaying progress. Failing to live up to our dreams may bury the perfect life we imagined in our minds. Getting criticized for doing what makes us happy can sink our ego. You'll never know the future unless you try.

Seize control of life to move forward. Truth is, negative distractions can pollute our mind. They can suffocate our creativity. Being comfortable is a curse on the screenwriting process. Setting goals will inspire us to reach milestones. React now to become a working screenwriter later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Distractions and frustration inspire screenwriters to sought after change

Good screenwriting involves channeling creativity to advance great storytelling. As screenwriters, our mission is to capture fantasy and make believe the magic of movies. We watch movies to leave behind our waking lives. For the most part, we want to travel to a new world that we could only imagine.

In those 90 minutes, 120 minutes and even 180+ minutes, the best movies take us on a journey. The rigorous demands of life disrupts this balance. How can we juggle our bills, health issues, car problems, and everything else that seems to plague us, day-in day-out? 

To really think about the structure of movies, our conflicting struggles portray the essence of movies. How many movies have we've seen where the setup, development and the resolution are exactly alike? None. Movies rely on distractions, bad luck, unfortunate events, and all that frustrates us as humans. 

Who really wants to live a meaningless life? Every person wants something, even if our desire is to help other people overcome their hardship. The joy of screenwriting is that we can create these stories. We possess the creative control to write as we please. 

Of course, screenwriters who option their screenplays and those connected with movie studios must keep the best interest of producers in mind. Screenwriters who are unwilling to accommodate revisions won't last long in Hollywood. Studio screenwriters and optioned script writers must obey the terms and conditions of their employers. This is when screenwriting gets tricky. It is all worth the control others have over screenwriters because many of us want to become a notable fixture in Hollywood - our screenplays may become synonymous with the upper echelon of Hollywood royalty.  

Write your movie scripts like you're on a mission to change the world. What do you want to convey to your audience? How will this story change the world? Will one moviegoer find motivation to change? Will this story increase awareness on a particular movement? (i.e. Jurassic Park and its funding for dinosaur research or Top Gun increasing military recruitment efforts for the U.S. Navy). Movies are special in that way; they have the power of influence on their side. 

Distractions and frustration make screenwriters want to become better at their craft. When fans take notice of this great body of work, screenwriters can smile for that one moment. They realize their hard work in writing this script and living impossible challenges are meant for this one moment. As screenwriters, we can shine the beacon of light on millions of people. 

Screenwriters can retell past events. They can take us to the highest point on Earth. We can travel in space, go to other planets and universes and enter dimensions beyond our own existence. We dream about watching movies in the same light, as we experience while sleeping in the night. 

Our mission as screenwriters is to change the world through our vision. We write what we know best. In that sense, we are resourceful and accustomed to change; we create the world we find most attractive. We can lucid dream in Inception. We can astral project in Insidious. We can sail on the ship of dreams in Titanic. We can honor the leaders of our nation in different time periods. We can win the war in Saving Private Ryan. 

It is all about what we want in our scripts. Our passion for writing is associated with distractions and frustrations. We can live a disaster in The Duplex movie, and then change these misfortunes to write a bestselling book. Whatever we want, we can do in screenplays. If we want to win a gold medal in the Olympics, we can visualize and write this in our stories. We can visit our loved-ones in Heaven. We can battle the forces of evil to save the world. 

Screenwriting is a unique craft. As with screenwriters, novelists also understand the creative juices that flow into their stories. Once a book ending comes to fruition, this moment of realization is surreal. Write, write and keep writing. Never let go of that dream. 

If you must and require inspiration, go on an adventure to revitalize your mind. Just know that distractions and frustration represent the heart of most movies, humanizing the characters we root for in these amazing journeys to overcome their trials and tribulations. Allow visuals and dialogue to flow down the stream. Good screenwriting requires persistence and discipline. 

Happy Screenwriting!