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Monday, September 14, 2020

The Fun Days... Blockbuster Video®

Video/DVD rental stores once ruled the aftermarket movie game. When I reflect back to the past, I remember going to Blockbuster Video and/or Hollywood video to rent VHS and DVD movies. Going to these video stores connected me to drive-in movie theaters, another pastime that has gone dormant since most people have moved their attention online.

It is important to add: Covid-19 closed the doors to the movie box office. In my honest opinion, Warner Bros. is feeling the financial heat to perform in the international box office or else their movie studio may lose out on their massive $205 million Tenet film budget. That is a ton of pressure to handle in the wake of COVID-19 shuttering movie theaters the past 6 months, especially with Tenet only earning $29.5 million in the North American box office in 2 weeks. Fortunately, the global market is stepping-in to savage 2020--they are making it possible for the film industry to rise above the coronavirus pandemic.

Aside from box office results and the lost Summer blockbuster season, Netflix® is paving the way for movie fans to rewatch past movies and shows online and on an app. Spending countless hours online is making people self-reliant, dependent on getting their web fix. It's a shame that we no longer have access to Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video.

Movie rental nights were so much fun. We could talk to real people in real life about the latest movies. Netflix® assumed control of the online movie movement; therefore, people must wait for new movies to be uploaded years later. The last time I checked, I prefer to watch recent movies after their box office run, not a few years later when my interest has dissipated.

Reminiscing about Blockbuster Video® and Hollywood Video® remind me of the fun days. Watching fake people on social media putting up a false facade to feed their overinflated egos create toxic envy and jealousy. Truth is, the people you admire do not actually live the lives that you see posted online. Never put people on pedestals because you will be chasing after their attention until you go crazy.

Fortunately, we still have Red Box to rent DVDs. There comes a moment when we must balance our online and real life time. Detaching from our phones, tablets and computers can keep us sane. All the negativity, attention-seeking, praising, over-complimenting and desperation occurring online is super toxic. Take a retreat away from the cyber world and visit somewhere new.

Until the next time, Happy Screenwriting!