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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Just Write The Script!

Assertive mood: Stop making excuses to write your script later. If you have real passion for screenwriting, you will begin creating compelling stories that give people escapism. Focus on one creative idea you can expand on right now and just go for it. Plan the process, enjoy the steps. 

There is no guarantee we will see tomorrow. We don't have all the time in the world to keep postponing our dream. Screenwriting is as simple as just starting a script. Don't concentrate on whether your first daft is good or bad. Get out of your head with all those fears of people judging, criticizing and insulting your work and you. Quit thinking it is too hard to make it in Hollywood. You are good enough! 

Having a positive outlook to write at will is better than using positive reinforcement as a reward structure. Empowering our writing to improve this world is better than chasing fame to get attention. Write movies because you believe your dream can inspire others to also do great things. 

Behind the scenes you will be a hero. Just write the script! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Great quotes from Gary Sinise on movies

Screenwriters know that they must strike at all times. There is no letting up on the screenwriting race. If you're not the front of the pack, you must be positioned to see the leaders.

Watching the race on the sidelines will evaporate your dream. Needless to say, if you're not writing something, you're not a writer at all.

You must write, and write good. Making your deadlines is great, but submitting mediocre writing doesn't get you noticed as fast.

The movie industry, as a whole, is intertwined. I respect great quotes that are beyond the movies. They are genuine comments or statements about the real movie industry.

A great actor in Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise, starred in this timeless movie. Forrest Gump and Speed are the reason I pursued the Hollywood dream; they represent the catalyst of my movie dreams. I noticed a few quotes Gary Sinise shared about acting, which the theme of them can be directed toward screenwriters.

The following Gary Sinise quotes:

"Sometimes you're in great demand. Then suddenly your career hits the brakes."

"Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on time. The trick is to always keep the engine running." (I like this quote the most)

"There's always the ongoing actor frustration of finding the great role to do the next. I don't go to work a lot. I wait as long as I can until the money runs out or a great part comes long."

There you have it! Gary Sinise quotes demonstrate that we must active as screenwriters. Don't just keep writing your script for many years. Despite constant struggles to balance your personal and financial life, make a smart decision to submit this screenplay in screenwriting contests, to studios, and to agents. Nobody wants to hear a writer complain about their misfortunes. Success attracts attention.

People want to hear what the next successful person is doing. They pay to hear a successful investor speak. These people read articles on how to become successful in a particular field. Many screenwriters have purchased screenwriting books on ways to break into Hollywood. What people and books don't tell you is how to balance personal struggles and a screenwriting career.

If you're not the best screenwriter, figure out to how reach that high level. Why can't you make it? No more excuses, just go out there and submit your work. There are too many discussions on what should I do with my script? How should this scene play out? I'm telling you right now that time will pass you by so fast that you will find frustration in every second. Don't allow this to happen.

Gary Sinise is telling you that Hollywood life is tough. There are many talented people out there. Nonetheless, talent and good looks looks won't get you work. It is your hard work and determination, and of course, some good luck on your side. You have be in the right spot at the right time, prepared and ready to take ownership of this opportunity.

Screenwriters must operate like the military. The military doesn't fight wars daily; they train to be prepared and engage into conflict when it is authorized and required. You must write daily. This writing must consistent. Be ready to counterstrike, or make that first strike to hit the target - optioning that script. Write away! Write on! Keep writing!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Screenwriting Dream: Screenwriting dream that continues on

We can't predict our future... Keeping our dream alive may involve making mistakes to stay on track. Unfortunately, our recurring failures may cause us to fall further further back. If we focus on the bigger picture, we may give the right amount of energy and effort to live a better life.

It's highly unlikely that we will follow a precise dream plan. If our dream is to become a screenwriter, just know that chasing after this big goal can create conflict and introduce recurring hardships.

Nearly 16 years ago, I set out to become a Hollywood actor. My planned goal turned out to become an utter failure. When I decided to attend one acting program, I ended up going to film school. Instead of going after an acting career, I decided to change my focus to screenwriting.

I served in the U.S. Air Force a few months after deciding to accept the Hollywood dream. Since then, I moved down to Southern California about five years ago to finish my college studies. I earned four college degrees, including a Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, and two Associates Degrees.

In the past few years, I worked extremely hard to improve my writing skills. My writing skills were once geared toward writing screenplays and creative writing pieces. In present time, I can write on virtually any subject matter. When you chase after a dream, you will find many people attempting to derail your success. You commonly hear people saying "you're dreaming in the clouds" reference. We would never hold a dream unless we could realistically accomplish the goal.

Don't always believe in the criticism you hear from others. Whereas it is wise to listen, you have to make your own personal choices. Why do people try to disrupt your dreams? Some people who fail at accomplishing their dreams may attempt to sabotage your dreams. Unfinished dreams may turn into negative emotions such as bitterness, resentment and pettiness...

The next time you feel like giving up on your screenwriting dream, think about how far you've come to make it to this point in time. The screenwriting dream is worth the challenge, especially since the journey to better yourself is worth your sacrifice. Reflect back to the exact moment in which imagined your screenwriting dream--use this moment to find daily motivation. Stay persistent to continue on the screenwriting journey because you never know when your chance to write the next great movie will arrive.

Keep putting in the work until you find that golden opportunity to seize the moment in Hollywood. Believe that you can accomplish your screenwriting dream. Good luck!