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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What job will make writers money while pursuing a screenwriting career?

A recent article on discussed what jobs writers could perform while chasing after their screenwriting dream. This is an important question to ask oneself, because becoming a Hollywood screenwriter is no guarantee. It is tough out there, trying to get noticed, but what really can put the writing flame out is trying to weather the financial storm. What jobs are reliable to survive until the writing dream is realized?

Quite a few aspiring screenwriters are performing primary day jobs. In the night, they may work as restaurant servers, bartenders, drivers, and even take on irrelevant writing projects. It's not impossible to become a great screenwriter, all it takes is one good spec script to reach the right person.

Our personal struggles make great stories. In these daily challenges, we figure out how to shape characters and learn how life really works. Though many movies are unrealistic, there is some truth to them. While performing these day and night jobs, pay close attention your surroundings. These moments, these events provide good material to inject into screenplays.

Every screenwriter has a personal journey. Their hope and dreams rely on survival instincts. With that said, writers must depend on their day jobs and typically a second job to keep the cash flowing in until their screenwriting dream hatches and give birth.

The following are examples of jobs that screenwriters can perform to keep afloat, while in their pursuit of chasing that screenwriting dream:

  • Ridesharing jobs
  • Bartending
  • Restaurant serving
  • Academic writing
  • SEO writing
  • Web developing
  • Valet parking
  • Hotel night auditor 
  • Car salesperson 
  • Computer sales

Check out this PsychCentral article and report back here. Share a current job that is keeping your screenwriting dream alive.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Great quotes from Gary Sinise on movies

Screenwriters know that they must strike at all times. There is no letting up on the screenwriting race. If you're not the front of the pack, you must be positioned to see the leaders.

Watching the race on the sidelines will evaporate your dream. Needless to say, if you're not writing something, you're not a writer at all.

You must write, and write good. Making your deadlines is great, but submitting mediocre writing doesn't get you noticed as fast.

The movie industry, as a whole, is intertwined. I respect great quotes that are beyond the movies. They are genuine comments or statements about the real movie industry.

A great actor in Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise, starred in this timeless movie. Forrest Gump and Speed are the reason I pursued the Hollywood dream; they represent the catalyst of my movie dreams. I noticed a few quotes Gary Sinise shared about acting, which the theme of them can be directed toward screenwriters.

The following Gary Sinise quotes:

"Sometimes you're in great demand. Then suddenly your career hits the brakes."

"Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on time. The trick is to always keep the engine running." (I like this quote the most)

"There's always the ongoing actor frustration of finding the great role to do the next. I don't go to work a lot. I wait as long as I can until the money runs out or a great part comes long."

There you have it! Gary Sinise quotes demonstrate that we must active as screenwriters. Don't just keep writing your script for many years. Despite constant struggles to balance your personal and financial life, make a smart decision to submit this screenplay in screenwriting contests, to studios, and to agents. Nobody wants to hear a writer complain about their misfortunes. Success attracts attention.

People want to hear what the next successful person is doing. They pay to hear a successful investor speak. These people read articles on how to become successful in a particular field. Many screenwriters have purchased screenwriting books on ways to break into Hollywood. What people and books don't tell you is how to balance personal struggles and a screenwriting career.

If you're not the best screenwriter, figure out to how reach that high level. Why can't you make it? No more excuses, just go out there and submit your work. There are too many discussions on what should I do with my script? How should this scene play out? I'm telling you right now that time will pass you by so fast that you will find frustration in every second. Don't allow this to happen.

Gary Sinise is telling you that Hollywood life is tough. There are many talented people out there. Nonetheless, talent and good looks looks won't get you work. It is your hard work and determination, and of course, some good luck on your side. You have be in the right spot at the right time, prepared and ready to take ownership of this opportunity.

Screenwriters must operate like the military. The military doesn't fight wars daily; they train to be prepared and engage into conflict when it is authorized and required. You must write daily. This writing must consistent. Be ready to counterstrike, or make that first strike to hit the target - optioning that script. Write away! Write on! Keep writing!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Create the World around you

Screenwriters possess the writing abilities to capture their wildest imagination. They create characters, special effects, scenes, inciting incidents, and a plot that drives the script to the silver screen. Millions of moviegoers anticipate watching their favorite books turned into movies. Nonetheless, comic book movies and video games are becoming massive revenue generators for movie studios. 

As a screenwriter, you have the creative freedom to write screenplays that influence the world. People from all over the world will watch actors speak your movie lines. They will see your word text translate into a visual creation. Writing movie scripts involves building a world outside of your existence.

Have you ever questioned the spirit? Wonder what happens to humans and animals who pass away? Obviously, every living human, creature and plant life have a spirit. Inject life into your screenplay. You are the spirit your screenplay needs to sustain life.

Create the world around you using originality. Write original scripts the world enjoys. Want to become the next great screenwriter in Hollywood? Write what you know best. Create a story populated with likable characters? Include a few characters the viewers despise most.

Dedicate time to write a movie script. Construct the movie script like an architect. Your movie creation is yours to enjoy. Enjoy writing the next great movie!