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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What job will make writers money while pursuing a screenwriting career?

A recent article on discussed what jobs writers could perform while chasing after their screenwriting dream. This is an important question to ask oneself, because becoming a Hollywood screenwriter is no guarantee. It is tough out there, trying to get noticed, but what really can put the writing flame out is trying to weather the financial storm. What jobs are reliable to survive until the writing dream is realized?

Quite a few aspiring screenwriters are performing primary day jobs. In the night, they may work as restaurant servers, bartenders, drivers, and even take on irrelevant writing projects. It's not impossible to become a great screenwriter, all it takes is one good spec script to reach the right person.

Our personal struggles make great stories. In these daily challenges, we figure out how to shape characters and learn how life really works. Though many movies are unrealistic, there is some truth to them. While performing these day and night jobs, pay close attention your surroundings. These moments, these events provide good material to inject into screenplays.

Every screenwriter has a personal journey. Their hope and dreams rely on survival instincts. With that said, writers must depend on their day jobs and typically a second job to keep the cash flowing in until their screenwriting dream hatches and give birth.

The following are examples of jobs that screenwriters can perform to keep afloat, while in their pursuit of chasing that screenwriting dream:

  • Ridesharing jobs
  • Bartending
  • Restaurant serving
  • Academic writing
  • SEO writing
  • Web developing
  • Valet parking
  • Hotel night auditor 
  • Car salesperson 
  • Computer sales

Check out this PsychCentral article and report back here. Share a current job that is keeping your screenwriting dream alive.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Who do you know?

Ready to embark on your screenwriting dream? Dream of writing movies in Hollywood? The main challenge is who you do know. It really is. Who you know can determine who reads your screenplay. The right eyes must be fixated on your great screenwriting to get you noticed, get you optioned, get your name in front of film executives. Want to write and submit the next script to make you famous?

Who do you know in Hollywood? Is there one person that can pass your screenplay to an important person? Know any person working as a script reader? A film student classmate who is currently working in Hollywood? A script supervisor? Anyone? Who do you know?

If you don't know anyone in Hollywood, you need to get out there and meet people. Good screenwriting won't find you success without creating some type of exposure. Write for new media to generate buzz. Write for students who can shoot a short film.  Better yet, go to celebrity hotspots.

Screenwriting instructors will tell you to write a creative script. They show you the tricks of the trade to equip you on your journey into stardom. The truth is that screenwriters are not household names. They really aren't the typical people we discuss while having breakfast or speaking about who we want to meet.

I, for one, would like to meet a UCSB alumni, the UC I graduated from in 2007. This UCSB alumni, Jeff Nathanson, is a highly established Hollwood screenwriter that Steven Spielberg has worked with on a few projects. He is also the credited screenwriter behind the Rush Hour movies. This guy knows how to write commercial movies. His movies have done well in the movie box office. We can argue that a few of his past movies are duds, but who hasn't made a box office flop?

Box office flops are movies that underperformed; they didn't catch on commercially and actually took a production upside down to lose big money. It is possible that major box office flops may result in terminations, where top executives and entire departments get the ax. Film studios can't afford to keep making movies that lose money, so someone of importance must provide answers to explain this poor showing.

Who do you know in Hollywood? Is your neighbor a Hollywood director? Hollywood executive? Script reader? There has to be someone you know in the movie biz? If you don't live in Hollywood, or anywhere in the 30 mile zone, you better get moving soon. There is a low probability a screenwriter will make it big without taking the dive into Los Angeles. LA is where movies are at. This is where new screenwriters must live in order to establish their writing careers.

Ask yourself today, right now, right at this moment, "Who do I know in Hollywood?" If you know no one, you get you find a way to answer this question in the next month with, "I know this person who works at _____?" Get out there and meet people. Screenwriters and TV writers don't always sit in dark caves and write a storm of words. They know how to connect with the right people. These are the important people listen to in the industry. They have a track record for success.

Make your tracks count. Make your mark today. Make it happen at this very second. Screenwriting is your dream. It is not hard to write movies. Believe in your dream. Don't listen to no person. Criticism comes at a price; people empower their jealousy through making you feel insecure. You lived your stories. Just plot and organize them to create dramatic movies, scary movies, funny movies, intense movies, amazing movies, award winning movies and memorable movies. You control the future.

Who do you know? Who do you need to know? Who do you want to know? Who do you want to become?  Make your screenwriting dream happen today. No waiting, period. The longer you wait, the less opportunities there are available to you. Don't keep telling people you are a screenwriter. Instead, let your writing do the talking in those brilliant, amazing screenplays you have stored in your computer. What are your Hollywood connections? Who do you know?

Good luck. Make screenwriting prosperous.