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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Patience and Perseverance

Thousands of aspiring screenwriters dream of writing the next hot script that is made into a popular movie. There are film industry players and prolific screenwriters who have already taken this journey numerous times. Nevertheless, thousands of writers spend countless hours in screenwriting forums chatting about their current/past stories, popular films they like, creative ideas that excite them, and famous screenwriters they admire. They are motivated to make industry connections, form new friendships and build meaningful relationships. Hundreds of Instagram page owners post content sharing personal script projects, screenwriting contests, potential story ideas and script pages to their personal screenplays. True screenwriters hold passion for creating compelling stories. Patience and perseverance hold the key to making your screenwriting dream a lucrative career.

If we wish our screenplay will eventually be optioned, we are putting our dream on a pedestal. Making Hollywood appear unattainable is giving the film industry way too much credit for our future happiness. It is possible to write a good screenplay capable of winning screenwriting competitions.

Your script can move past gatekeepers to get optioned. Your script can be made into a Netflix movie. Your script can become a blockbuster movie. Visualize what you want and apply yourself to go get it. 

We must believe in our creative adventures. Don't worry about what people think. You are not selfish for desiring to live your dream. If you put forth the effort, you deserve to live a better life.  

Writers have many goals in sight. Looking in the rearview mirror can/will block progress. Discipline, time management and passion will keep your screenwriting dream moving forward. We must keep writing pages, research what studios want/need, listen to podcasts featuring successful screenwriters, study great screenwriters, learn about the business of movies and build our stories into profound movies. When I mention scripts, I mean we must complete several scripts to increase our chances in getting noticed. 

One script can connect us with the right people who want to view our writing portfolio. It's possible this individual, that studio or those group of people may not have interest in optioning our only script. However, our writing talents may attract the attention of industry-connected people. They may ask us what other projects we have stored in our script arsenal. Don't sell yourself short by investing your entire farm into only one script idea, unless you are confident in this story to sacrifice everything.  

This is where your patience and perseverance come into play. No matter what obstacles and challenges stand in your way, you must be confident in your creation(s). Pet projects usually create intense excitement because these stories hit close to home. These projects hold a deeper meaning-- they fulfill our inner desires. They can go back to our childhood, where we enjoyed watching science fiction movies such as E.T. and Star Wars. Emotional connections can take us down memory lane. 

The most powerful filmmakers in Hollywood had to wait their turn. Christopher Nolan directed Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight to earn his chance at making Inception. The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Dunkirk and Tenet followed Inception. Given Nolan's track record, he is one of most successful directors working in Hollywood.  

Good things happen to those who are patient is a flawed saying. It should be good things happen to those who work hard while being patient for opportunities. Staying confident to continue working on your script project(s) hold(s) immense power over your dreams and goals.    

Most of the time, we must prove our value before we take a stab at prized projects. For the most part, we will likely have to pay our dues working on projects with no creative value. Reality television is a perfect example of aspiring filmmakers going to film school and accepting high paying jobs working on uncreative ventures to climb up that industry ladder. Never judge professional work that rewards you with valuable experience. If you get paid to perform your talents, you are moving in the right direction.

Many writers get stuck listening to what writing books tell them to write. They follow Save The Cat, Kate Wright's sequences, A Hero With A Thousand Faces, Story and other books that instruct writers what must happen at what time with careful attention to the author's thoughts and theories. Following this approach turns a screenplay into a cliched piece of unoriginal work. Even though our scripts are fictional pieces of work, we have no obligation to mimic past screenplays. 

The human condition and emotions connect the audience with characters who may have similar traits that resemble theirs. How do people behave in a pre-apocalyptic world? What will people do to protect a secret? What fears block them? What regrets do they have? What is stopping them from talking to their true love? End of the world movies convey real actions of real life people. 

Truth is, we waste too much time living in the past instead of planning for our future. We don't do enough to live our dream. We need constant attention to feel self-worth. We focus on what other people are doing. We stay on the sidelines, being afraid of looking bad in front of people who we don't know. We postpone making decisions to avoid rejection. We obsess over small things that have no impact on the bigger picture.

We let years pass us by without responding to what we want. We allow true love to slip away. We don't take personal responsibility. We blame other peole for our mistakes. We don't show we care about our dream to be taken seriously. We need people to validate us. We envy others for living the dream we think we are better at doing but do nothing to make it happen. We are to blame for our own life. Nobody is responsible for our failures. The moment we can accept personal responsibility, there will be hope for us to achieve greatness. 

If you don’t give your dream any attention, you are guaranteed to fail what you want most in this life. 

Happy Screenwriting! 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Look at smaller writing markets in movies to get foot into door

Many viewers enjoy laughing at sci-fi movies shown on SyFy. No disrespect to the SYFY channel, but these types of movies are really silly and quite lame. On the contrary, SYFY is actually a rich market for writers to get their feet wet. Screenwriters who are willing to step outside their comfortable box can launch their film careers by writing low budget spec scripts. Furthermore, paid writing jobs translate into writing experience that will pad IMDb credits.

Look into smaller writing markets to blossom your writing career. You gotta start somewhere. Why not consider low budget science fiction movies? Never think you are too good to take this route. Traveling down the SYFY path is a unique option that can reward writers with lucrative opportunities.

Master a genre to become known as that sci-fi writer. Better yet, flex your creative muscles writing short films and small movies to show big film studios what you are capable of doing with your writing abilities. Don't focus on selling a million dollar screenplay to attract attention to your self-worth.

Do your best to hone your craft. If you give all your effort, the sky's the limit. Think smaller to grow bigger.

And remember, write the raw pages to flush out your creativity.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tame The Ego and Don’t be prideful: Screenwriting Advice

Screenwing takes talent, passion, hard work, connections and luck. If aspiring screenwriters believe they don’t need to do the work, they will eventually fail. Never allow your ego and pride to get in the way. Relaxing after doing great work is a sign that we are getting too comfortable.

An effective way to tame your ego: Set deadlines. Compare screenwriting to your day job! Employees who sit around thinking they are the best will be put on the chopping block. Productivity involves taking the steps to remain efficient.

Putting our pride to the side can humble us. Refusing to do what it takes to get ahead is a sign of low passion. Essentially, these screenwriters become opportunists who seek fame, fortune and attention. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be famous. Earn your Hollywood stripes. Be self-inspired and self-motivated to write at all times. Don’t wait to get into the zone.

Stay confident, persistent and patient. Screenwriting is a career that can offer future screenwriters unlimited opportunities. Always be willing to learn. Read books. Read scripts. Listen to podcasts. Write, write, write. Revise, revise, revise. Structure, structure, structure.

What you want is much closer than you think. Reducing time talking about your dream will give you a better chance to succeed as a Hollywood screenwriter. If you desire writing awards, then do the work. Remember that scripts must be written.

Lose your ego. Get rid of fears. Stay consistent. No excuses. No self-doubts. Be confident in your abilities. Waiting is being passive. Remain proactive in your pursuit to write compelling movies!

And remember, write the raw pages to flush out your creativity... Happy writing!